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he TaoDeck is a new invention that expresses the wisdom of the current era. While the time honored methods of consulting the I-Ching are valid and beneficial, this modern methodology brings a new dimension to the experience, making it more personal and intuitive.
The TaoDeck is another attempt to bring the Tao and the I-Ching into the lives of modern people.

At this time in history,
a significant amount of modern people live in urban centers, divorced from the ebb and flow of the natural world. Many never see a true night sky, or feel the earth in their hands and feet. Awareness of the cycles and patterns of nature is of minor importance. The sky, stars, spirit, the earth, body and soul, all have been lost in commercial media. Even food is becoming increasingly manipulated and modified. A sea on unknown chemicals, pollutants and energy fields surrounds and inter-penetrates life. The primal connection to the world of nature is broken and the ability to find inner essence is obscured.

More than ever,
with the modern capacity for destruction and permanent loss, more ways are needed to help find inner truth and clarity of direction. The TaoDeck can be one way to re-connect with the inner and outer realms of Reality. By having images of primal forces to work with both visually and intuitively, the Deck provides a technique to find the deeper meaning in events. The hidden cycles and patterns of Life can be more easily understood and adapted to.

The idea for the TaoDeck started in 1989. While contemplating the interaction of I-Ching ideas with that of Chinese Medicine (wondering how to diagnose the body in the form of a Hexagram), Stephen Schachter reasoned that determining the individual yin or yang Lines were the most important part of getting the Hexagrams. Since the Lines had 4 possible number values of 6,7,8 or 9, the key was to find the lines or their numbers. When the 2 Line Duograms, which have the same number values, were considered, the whole system suddenly came into focus.

The first prototype decks were crudely made and shared with friends and associates, but did not develop further. Over the next 10 years the
TaoDeck continued to be thought about, always with the idea of producing a deck of cards worthy of the venerable tradition while offering a unique and simple method for approaching the drawing of a Hexagram.

Finally in late 2000, Steve sat down with the artist Paul Guess until he “got it” and decided to take on the challenge of the designs and the general creative side of the project.

Throughout the site further details are available about all aspects of this new publication and we invite you to follow links to explore various aspects of I-Ching history, the card's design, and the methods of use,

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he TaoDeck is a completely new way to consult the I-Ching.
The interactive process of choosing cards allows for a deep and intuitive connection to the wisdom of the eternal Tao.
How and Why the TaoDeck was created...