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photo of Stephen Schacter
Photo of Paul Guess
he TaoDeck artwork is either original art by Paul Guess or based on his extensive photographic collection and its digital manipulation. Together with Steve's input one by one the images came into clear focus. Following an organic development for longer than anticipated, after six months the card designs had been birthed. Shortly before completion, Paul and Steve felt the need for additional informative cards and the Key cards and various order maps where created to complete the TaoDeck project.

During this time it seemed obvious that the deck had a life of its own and demanded much of both Paul and Steve until the creative process was complete. [It seems that the Tao plays with mortals, not the other way around!]

tao cardsThe 8 Trigram images help to bring the archetypal qualities of natural forces into awareness. These 8 archetypes of the I-Ching are the spiritual building blocks of the natural world, our inner world and outer human civilization.

The TaoDeck images have been designed to help us connect to these primal energies. Looking at the images will help to bring their associated qualities into consciousness and will then reinforce the I-Ching readings.

After an explorative research period it became obvious that the TaoDeck images had something to offer the modern world beyond the revolutionary I-Ching reading process.

It has been noted that the images have tonifying or calming effects when placed in healing rooms and medical treatment roons.

Practitioners and patients have found benefits from selecting a personal Trigram image for their immediate environment. They then allow the “qualities” that the Trigram represents to become healing force in the promotion of wellbeing, physical and spiritual healing.

There is a tremendous growth of interest in the ancient tradition of Feng Shui (Feng Shui is the Chinese art of room design, placement and energy flow.) The card images have much to offer in correcting or adding to the Feng Shui of a room.

In many situations and locations they can be used to bring the specific Trigram or 5 Elemental Phase quality that is needed to balance particular room harmonics. The images can be used by the Feng Shui consultant (or yourself) to help achieve the correct energy flow and balance.

With little or no knowledge of Feng Shui, when carefully placed in the home or office the various Trigram qualities can promote inner or outer balance, clarity, focus and harmony.

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aoDeck artworks offers the 8 Trigram Images and I-Ching maps as high quality enlarged Photographic Prints.

Each card image has been subtly designed to be presented as a stunning enlargement. This photographic series of the highest quality includes the 8 Trigram images, the back of the cards (Heavenly order of Trigrams), the Earthly circular order, the Yin-Yang evolution chart and the Hexagram Mandala.

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